‘Made Things Difficult For Me’: Zoraiz Malik Posts Message For His Mother

Business tycoon Malik Riaz‘s grandson – Zoraiz Malik – has finally responded to his mother for making things ‘extremely difficult’ for him and whatever is happening with his wife, actress and model Alyzeh Gabol.

In a message posted on his Instagram, Malik Riaz’s grandson clarified that his second wife has no role in the failure of his first marriage. “There is a limit to one’s tolerance for online bullying that my wife has been a subject to for something we both decided together,” he wrote.

Zoraiz Malik announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child, who doesn’t need his mother – Aasia Amer – help or name.

According to him, his mother keeps going on about his life as if she is the judge and jury but she is not, he wrote. Moreover, he added that everything, which has been happening in his life is his own fault and no one else’s. Zoraiz hoped that everything will get better ‘sooner or later’.

Zoraiz Malik Instagram story

It should be noted that ever since Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol made their relationship official, Aasia Amer has been continuously attacking the actress and model. Once, she went as far as calling Alyzeh a “prostitute, who slept with everyone.”

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