About Us

Niaz Muhammad is 21 years old Pakistani Blogger, Freelancer, and Social Media Activist. He is the Owner of Popular Facebook Groups and Facebook Community Leader. Niaz Muhammad started his Career from 2016 with blogging and founded a blog urduzameen that provides the latest information in local languages. He is a Freelancer on Fiverr.


He creates Funny Video clips to engage people and also Participate in Social Media Activities and Campaigns His aim to provide quality education for every child in Pakistan. He is fundraising for Schools and Teaching Children. He is Teaching Freenlacing and Web Development Online as well.




Niaz is well known Digital Marketer, Web Developer, and Blogger in Pakistan. He writes articles on different topics. His articles Published on Popular Magazines and Newspapers.


Niaz Muhammad graduated from the University of Balochistan and certified by Google for Digital Marketing. He Belongs from a small town of Balochistan. He is teaching children for free and conduct educational activities and programs.