Social Media Slams Fahad Mustafa Over His New Drama Serial ‘Dunk’

 Social Media Slams Fahad Mustafa Over His New Drama Serial ‘Dunk’

Social media users are furious with Fahad Mustafa for paying tribute to the victims of false allegations of harrasment.

In an interview, Fahad Mustafa said about his new drama ‘Dunk’ that 95% of sexual harassment cases are real but sometimes people are falsely accused so we have to tell every kind of story. The story of the drama serial ‘Dunk’ revolves around false allegations of sexual harassment.

Fahad Mustafa said that the drama serial ‘Dunk’ is a tribute to all the victims who are victims of false allegations of harassment. However, social media users are not at all happy with Fahad Mustafa’s statement and he is being severely criticized. 

One woman openly accused Fahad Mustafa and said that she feels that the man who made this drama is involved in harassing women and is afraid that he will be exposed.

Another social media user wrote that in a society where 90 per cent of harassment cases are suppressed, the society is now going to pay homage to the men involved in the false allegations of harassment. 

One user said that Pakistan TV industry never fails to disappoint us. 

A woman named Zainab said tribute? Many women are harassed on a daily basis in our educational institutions. They (the playwrights) described these women as weak creatures while the accused who was falsely accused of harassment was given a different status.

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