Pakistani Students Win Big At International Robotic Competition

 Pakistani Students Win Big At International Robotic Competition

Three students from Karachi have secured fourth position in an international robotic competition held in Canada. 

As per details, the Pakistani students project of dousing fire – Which was developed by students of grade 7th, 8th and 10th – took the 4th spot in the competition. Pakistan was represented by Ibrahim, Burhanduddin and Mustansar at the World Robotic Olympia (WRO) held in Canada. 

Talking about their project, the students said that they were given the task of working on climate change issue in the world. Considering the daily occurring fire incidents around the world, they decided to come up with a robotic project which extinguishes fire. 

How it works?

The students designed four robots for the purpose of extinguishing fire. The first robot cautions with the alarm whenever a fire breaks out. The other three starts throwing water at a great speed to douse the fire as soon as possible. 

They have also designed another robotic program which helps to control the carbon dioxide emitted during a fire breakout and shifts it to the geo power thermal plant. 

Arsalan Khattak

Founder @ThebetterPakistan

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