Interpol Warns of Counterfeit Covid-19 Vaccine

 Interpol Warns of Counterfeit Covid-19 Vaccine

Interpol, the global crime watchdog, has warned that counterfeit vaccines could be sold under the guise of Covid-19 vaccine.

Interpol has issued a global alert warning to all 194 member states about the threat of counterfeit vaccines.

Interpol has warned that organized crime groups around the world could sell counterfeit vaccines. The organized groups will try to sell counterfeit vaccines online.

The World Police Organization says all member agencies and law enforcement agencies should begin preparations to stop the sale of counterfeit Corona vaccines online as well as by other means.

The alert comes at a time when the UK has taken the big step of approving the widespread use of the Covid-19 vaccine. The UK has become the first country in the world where the vaccine will now be widely available.

According to the British media, the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority has approved the use of Pfizer and Biotech vaccines.

The vaccine will be available next week, the British health secretary said in a statement.

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