Global shortage of semiconductor chips start affecting Pakistan

Pakistan also began to be affected by the global shortage of semiconductor chips.

The wait for those who want to buy cars and use solar panels to avoid huge electricity bills has become longer.

The shortage of semiconductor chips has not only pushed up the prices of the products in which they are used, but also increased the delivery time by 4 to 6 weeks.

Semiconductor chips are used in various industries, including automobiles and consumer electronics, and are an integral part of solar inverters.

The shortage of semiconductor chips began to rise in the middle of last year when Corona caused lockdowns in most countries.

On the other hand, as the demand for electronic devices increased due to people working from their homes, the demand for computer chips has also increased exponentially.

Most countries are now taking steps to manufacture semiconductor chips locally.

According to media reports, South Korea, China and the United States have announced funding for the manufacture and research of semiconductor chips locally.

The effects of Code 19 have largely been felt in the industry, but the impact on the solar panels industry is expected to continue for many more months to come.

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