Balochistan To Have World’s Largest Salt Refinery

 Balochistan To Have World’s Largest Salt Refinery

Credits: Times of India

Balochistan is set have the world’s largest salt refinery, as per reports. This refinery will be set up by the country’s first salt manufacturing company, Hub Pak Salt Refinery, in Hub Industrial Zone, Balochistan.

Spread over 86,500 acres, Mexico currently has the world’s biggest salt refinery. The biggest salt refinery in the world is producing 10 million tons of salt per year. 

The refinery in Balochistan will cover an area of 150,000 acres and it will start funtioning in 2023. According to the officials of Hub Pak Salt Refinery, once this project is completed it will turn Pakistan into third biggest processor of salt in the world. 

Despite having the world’s second largest global salt deposits, Pakistan is currently  managing to produce only four million tons of the 300 million tons of salt in the world. This number will be increased to 30 million tons once the refinery is being built in Balochistan making Pakistan the third largest producer of salt and the second largest exporter in the world.

At the moment, Pakistani salt is being widely transported to United States, Europe, UAE, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and African countries.

This refinery in Balochistan will jack up the salt export of the country to one billion dollars.

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