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20 Most Hilarious Memes About The PSL 6 Anthem

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is just a couple of weeks away and PSL 6 anthem has been released by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).  Unfortunately, this year’s anthem has disappointed fans just like last year. Although, Tayyar Hai was sung by many renowned names of Pakistan’s music industry but it failed to impress the […]Read More

Ali Sadpara goes missing on K2 along with his team

Pakistani mountaineer, Ali Sadpara, and his team members have lost contact during their attempt to scale K2. Pakistan’s Ali Sadpara, Chile’s John Snorri and Iceland’s JP Mohr Prieto have been declared missing following no contact for more than 30 hours.  As per reports, Pakistan army has initiated the rescue operation. In a Facebook post Nepali Sherpas, […]Read More

Video: Singer Bilal Saeed Assaults a Woman

Video of Bilal Saeed assaulting a woman has gone viral on social media.  Renowned singer Bilal Saeed has found himself in another controversy after a video of his assault on a young couple went viral on the internet. In the video, the Baari singer can be seen slapping and kicking the couple outside his residence.  […]Read More

This Picture of a Girl From Waziristan Playing Football is

Pakistan has always lacked sports facilities for its millions of talented players which has resulted in the country lagging behind in different sports.  Pakistan was once the champion of hockey but today its struggling to win a game against those countries who once dreamt to be like the might Pakistan hockey team.  When we talk […]Read More

Reality of the ‘UFO’ spotted by PIA pilots

For the last few days , the internet has been abuzz with the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight captains ‘spotting a UFO.’ In the 41-seconds long video footage, PIA pilots reported seeing a “foo fighter”.  Foo-fighter is a term which was used by fighter pilots during World War II to describe mysterious objects in the […]Read More

PUBG Mobile Exclusive Server For Pakistan Coming Soon

Popular online multiple player shooting game – Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) – is set to launch exclusive sever for Pakistan. The announcement was made by the official Facebook page of PUBG Mobile.  However, they didn’t revel when the exclusive PUBG server for Pakistan will be launched. This is indeed a great news for PUBG […]Read More

Corruption Has Increased in Pakistan: Transparency International

Corruption in Pakistan has increased compared to last year as per a report by the Transparency International. As per the report of Transparency International, Pakistan is ranked 124th out 180 countries across the globe. Pakistan’s ranking has dropped 4 places compared to last year. Pakistan was ranked 120th last year. Last year, Pakistan’s score against […]Read More

When Joe Biden Snubbed Hamid Karzai For Making Baseless Complaints

The relationship between United States of America and Pakistan hasn’t been good since former US president Donald Trump took the office. A couple years ago, Donald Trump accused Pakistan of doing nothing in return for the billions  of dollars  provided to them by the US government.  With the new president Joe Biden, Pakistan and US relationship is […]Read More