What is Two Finger Test?

 What is Two Finger Test?

The Lahore High Court has declared the two-finger test for medical examination of abused women illegal and unconstitutional. Justice Ayesha A. Malik of the Lahore High Court issued a detailed 30-page judgment rejecting the procedure for testing rape victims.

The increasing rape incidents In Pakistan has made it as a  topic of public discussion. In the past, rape was rarely discussed on electronic media and it still remains the same up to some extent. 

However, due to social media, more people are becoming aware. Medical examination of sexually abused women is usually of paramount importance. But public was unaware until today of how this medical examination is performed and what it involves to decide  whether or not the victim has been sexually assaulted.

In Pakistan, three methods are used to check a sexually abused girl, after which it is decided whether the victim has been sexually abused or not. The most talked about and controversial of these three methods is the two-finger test. 

Lahore High Court in its judgement has declared the two finger test and hymen testing illegal. Since this judgement has become a hot topic over the internet, many people are wondering about the two finger test. 

What is a two finger test?

It is important for every woman who has been sexually abused or raped to get a medical examination. According to the principles of medico-legal examination in Punjab, the victim will have her medical examination with a female medico-legal in the presence of her female family member.

There will be various methods of this examination which will mainly try to find out whether the woman has been sexually abused or not. In addition to medical and other scientific methods, two-finger tests and hymen tests were also part of the medical examination.

In this test, the lady doctor would insert two fingers in the vagina of the victim in a room or behind a curtain. She would then  record her impressions in the report based on her personal observations, based on whether two fingers easily penetrated the girl’s vagina or not. 

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