TikTok ban in Pakistan might be lifted soon

 TikTok ban in Pakistan might be lifted soon
TikTok ban in Pakistan could soon be lifted after senior management of the global small video sharing application held a virtual meeting with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
According to a press release issued by the PTA, a senior representative of TikTok informed the telecommunication authority about the steps they have taken so far to improve content moderation in line with local laws. Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority acknowledge the efforts of the TikTok administration and asked for tangible timelines for the proposed actions.
PTA Press Release
via – PTA Twitter Account

TikTok Ban in Pakistan:

TikTok was banned on Friday over immoral content. The decision was taken following a number of complaints by different segments of the society.
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Before this, Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) was also banned in Pakistan. After a number of meetings were held between PTA and PUBG administration, the ban was lifted.
Now, a similar development is expected as the two sides have sat together and talked about the matter. Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhary, had already opposed the ban on TikTok.
Talking to GNN, Minister for information technology , Aminul Haque , had said that the ban on TikTok will soon be lifted.

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