This Kid from Malir has an inspiring football story

 This Kid from Malir has an inspiring football story
Despite all the love for the game of football in Pakistan, the world’s most popular sport has never been recognized the way it should be . Karachi is among the many places in Pakistan that has quality footballers.
One of them is 10-year-old Safar, who comes from a poor family background. As Safar was playing in the streets one day, his mad football skills caught the eye of Karachi United’s coach Nabeel. Karachi United has been promoting young talent for more than two decades.
During that time, Nabeel was preparing his team for an upcoming competition in Qatar. As he would expect, Safar impressed the other coaches during the trial as well and he got a place in the squad.
As the team entered the peak prep-season, Safar missed a couple of training sessions which wasn’t something the coaches had expected of him. Concerned about his player, Nabeel went to Malir to check on him and he found him there selling ice on the streets. He was shocked to see Safar there and inquired about him.
Nabeel was told that his father worked as a caretaker for years, who have now refused to give him his pension putting the family in dire need of money. Now, Safar cannot afford to pay Rs. 500 to get his travel documents ready and travel with the team. The 10-year-old has so much love for football that he decided to sell ice on the streets to earn money so that he can go to Qatar with his team.
The coaches were truly impressed with his commitment and told him to focus on his training. Safar went on to play in the tournament and performed exceptionally well.

Arsalan Khattak

Founder @ThebetterPakistan

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