Privacy Policy

We at ThebetterPakistan values your privacy more than anything else. We would like to state it clearly that we do not collect any personal information, whenever you are on our website. 

There is no way, we would ask our readers for their personal information but incase we ever ask, it will be made completely clear to the readers that we are asking for your personal information. When you register on our website to post a comment or for any other reason, your information such as email address and name might be recorded on our server but we can assure you that this information will never be shared with a third party. 

What Information we Collect:

ThebetterPakistan uses tools like Google Analytics which collects non personal  information of the users such as type of device you are accessing our website from, the time you have spent on our website and the number of page views. Such information  might  be shared with the advertisers just to give them an idea about the visitors on our blog. 

To make it clear once more, we neither collect your personal information nor we will share it with a third party. If you have got any question, you can always reach out to us at our contact.