PM Imran Khan Unfollows Everyone On Twitter

 PM Imran Khan Unfollows Everyone On Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan has unfollowed everyone from his Twitter account, including party officials and party official accounts.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is one of those leaders in the world who is active on Twitter and occasionally makes statements through  his social media handle.

The Prime Minister was previously following his party, charitable hospitals and party leaders on the microblogging website.

These followers included close party leaders, but so far no reason has emerged  regarding why all of these people were unfollowed, whether it was done by mistake or intentionally. Furthermore, no statement has been issued in this regard.

Following is the list of people who were previously followed by PM Khan:

It is pertinent to mention that the number of followers of  PM  Khan on Twitter is 12 million.

Prime Minister Khan is currently ranked 10th in the list of most followed among world leaders. Former President of the United States of America — Donald Trump — tops this list with over 80 million followers. The second person on this list is the Indian Prime Minister —Narendra Modi — who is just behind Donald Trump.

The Prime Minister was following a number of  renowned  personalities including some big names of the country, abroad and federal ministers. Now, all of them have been unfollowed.

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