Netflix to finally have an original web-series from Pakistan

Netflix has finally approved its first ever original web series from Pakistan, according to reports. Pakistanis have long been demanding a Netflix original comprising of Pakistani actors.

According to the details, Netflix approved its original web-series from Pakistan, which will be the first. This was revealed by journalist Hasan Kazmi on his Twitter account.

The jouranlist revealed that it will be a “huge budget” Netflix original. It will have 3 seasons with each consisting of 13 episodes. Details regarding the cast and the plot are still unknown. However, the journalist did share that the first ever Netflix original will be based on a Novel.

Furthermore, he also clarified that its not the Pak-Turkish collaboration. According to reports from last year, Omar Shahid Hamid’s novel The Party Worker was going to be adapted into a film or a TV series. But according to Hasan Kamzi, the Netflix original series from Pakistan will not be based on any of his novels.

This is indeed a very interesting news and we cannot wait for more details about it.

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