Motorway Incident: Police Arrests Prime Suspect

 Motorway Incident: Police Arrests Prime Suspect
Over a month after the tragic motorway incident, Punjab police has finally arrested the prime suspect Abid Malhi from Faisalabad. As per media reports, Abid Malhi was arrested in Faisalabad on monday.
Furthermore, as per sources he is being currently shifted from Faisalabad to the provincial capital of Punjab. Talking to a local news channel, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan confirmed the news of his arrest.
Chohan said that the strategy was to make him feel relaxed and then arrest him. According to Geo News, the authorities had given Abid Malhi’s wife a sim card. His wife used this sim card to contact him.
The prime suspect had told his wife that he would meet her in Faisalabad, where he was arrested by police plain clothes.

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