Bank Manager Killed Over Blasphemy But Facebook Profile Suggests Otherwise

 Bank Manager Killed Over Blasphemy But Facebook Profile Suggests Otherwise


In an unfortunate event, a manager of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was shot dead yesterday by a security guard of the bank for allegedly committing blasphemy. The manager was was shifted to a hospital where he lost his life. 

Following his death, a number of people on social media have been sharing posts from his Facebook profile that suggests that he was a true believer of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW. On his recently updated profile picture, he has condenmed the French government and called for the boycott of their products for disrespecting Prophet Muhammad SAWW. 

A Facebook Friend of him commented on his profile picture that Imran Hanif was a true muslim and believer of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW. He added that the accusations of blasphemy are highly condemnable.

Furthermore, the victim used to regularly share hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW and religious videos of famous scholars such as Maulana Tariq Jamil. 

According to the police, the victim was wrongfully accused of blasphemy and was killed due to personal enmity.  Police further said that the branch manager and the security guard were involved in an argument for the last two days.

Following the murder, the security guard led a demonstration chanting slogans along with hundred others. 

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