Are Imran Abbas and Alizey Shah Getting Married?

 Are Imran Abbas and Alizey Shah Getting Married?

Imran Abbas, a well-known actor and model in the Pakistan showbiz industry, has revealed about his marriage in an interview. He said that now he feels that he should get married. 

In an interview, Imran Abbas said that he was looking for a partner who was in harmony with his mind and when he found such a girl, he would marry her immediately.

After the interview , various tweets are circulating on social media claiming that Imran Abbas is going to marry Alizey Shah soon. 

The rumours were strongly refuted by Imran Abbas and Alizey Shah. 

A few days ago on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, actor Imran Abbas was asked by fans about different things. 

One user expressed his desire to see Imran Abbas’s wedding. The actor replied, “Me too.”

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