24 News Wrongly Accused PM Khan of Blaming Muslims For France Terrorism

 24 News Wrongly Accused PM Khan of Blaming Muslims For France Terrorism

Pakistani news channel 24 News has wrongly accused PM Imran Khan of blaming muslims for the recent terrorism in France. 24 News deliberately edited PM Khan’s speech to mislead viewers. 

The aforementioned news channel has been under the radar of Pakistan Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority for some time now. 24 News cut out key phrases from PM Khan’s joint press conference alongside Bosnian President that totally changed the meaning of his speech. 

In the video, the two news casters can be heard saying that the PM has blamed muslims for terrorist attacks in France. This video has been edited and it doesn’t represent what PM Khan actually said. 

Here’s what 24 News reported: 

The news channel reported just a short clip from his complete statement. Although, PM Khan did condemn the attacks in France but he also mentioned how any insult, ridicule, any mocking of the Prophet Muhammad SAW causes the greatest pain to the Muslim community.

He also called on the European powers and western countries not to use freedom of speech as a weapon to cause Muslims pain by insulting the Prophet. 

Watch The Complete Video: 

France has been slammed all over the world by muslim countries after the republication of insulting cartoon of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW. Protest erupted across different countries of the world after the French President Emanuel Macron didn’t condemn the publication of insulting cartoons of the last prophet of Islam and instead defended the right to publish cartoons

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